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FAR (FLOOR AREA RATIO) is the total floor area of the building on a certain location to the size of the land of that location, or the limit imposed on such a ratio. FAR is the ratio of total building area to the size of the site. Use the given calculator to find applicable FAR for your property.

FAR= (Total covered area of all floors of a building) / (Total area of the plot)


Let us understand it with an Example.

Q : I have a plot of 300 Sq Yards. and I want to build 4 floors on it, but I don't know how much space is allowed to be constructed on each floor (Also called Covered Area)

A : If you have a plot of 250 Sq. Mtrs. or 300 sq. yards (1 Sq Mtr = 1.196 Sq Yrd) and you want to build 4 floors on it, as per the FAR Calculator, we get a total FAR of 300% on the entire plot of 250 Sq Mtrs.


Now considering you want to build 4 Floors, the maximum allowed covered area for each floor will be

= (250 Sq. Mtrs. X 300%) / 4 Floors

=  187.5 Sq. Mtrs. or 225 Sq. Yrds. or 2018.25 Sq. Ft.*

* (For Reference 1 Sq. Mtr. = 1.196 Sq. Yrd. = 10.764 Sq. Ft.)


So, on a plot of 300 Sq. Yrds., total allowed area that can be constructed as per the Delhi Master Plan Building Bye Laws is 2018.25 Sq. Ft. on Each Floor for a 4 Storey Building.


Different regions having different land quality, FAR norms are issued by local authorities of Delhi on the basis architectural guidelines for assuring buildings are constructed in safe manner and buildings aren’t prone to undue pressure and stress.

As per the latest Building By Laws of Delhi Master Plan, the following table can be referred to for permissible constructed area on a plot. Make sure to convert your plot area from Sq Yards into Sq. Mtrs. by multiplying it with 0.833, before referring to the table. Eg. 300 Sq Yards X .833 = 250 Sq. Mtrs.

Delhi Plot Area ( In Sq. Mtrs.)
Max Ground Coverage
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